WSOP’s Sunday Sale Returns for MI & PA Online Poker Players

Online Poker. WSOP is bringing back its cool Sunday Sale tournament promo, just in time for Thanksgiving. This awesome deal is specially for folks playing online poker in Michigan and Pennsylvania. On November 26, three big tournaments are getting their buy-ins cut in half, but guess what? The guaranteed prize pools stay the same, making it even more exciting for players.

The Lowdown on the Promo

This promo is exclusively for players in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, if you’re playing on WSOP NJ & WSOP NV with the older 888 software, this sweet deal doesn’t apply to you.

Big Bucks at Stake

A combined guaranteed prize pool of $55,000 will be spread across three events: Mystery Bounty, High Roller, and the Sunday Major event.

Sunday Sale Major: Previously a $100 buy-in, it’s now slashed to $50, keeping the $25,000 prize guarantee. Starts at 6 PM, aiming for 550 entries.

Sunday Sale High Roller: Originally a $525 buy-in, now reduced to $250, with a $15,000 guaranteed prize pool. Set for 7 PM, hoping for 65 participants.

Sunday Sale Mystery Bounty: From $215 to $109 buy-in, still promising $15,000. Starts at 8 PM, targeting 150 entrants.

The Mystery Bounty Thrill

This Mystery Bounty event isn’t just about the prize pool. There’s a $1500 top bounty up for grabs, plus two bounties of $750 each and four random $375 bounties for lucky players.

Get in on the Action

If you’re eyeing the Sunday Sale Major, you can join satellite tournaments live on the WSOP US app. These satellites have buy-ins starting from a crazy low $2!

Why Players Love These Deals

Players dig discounted buy-ins with maintained prize guarantees. It spices things up by potentially creating overlays, meaning more chances to win big!

Other Operators Doing Something Similar

WSOP isn’t alone in running these sales. 888poker and PokerStars have similar promos, although PokerStars has slowed down in the US online poker market. 888poker often does Sunday Sale promos in various markets, even in Ontario, Canada. iPoker and Winamax have also jumped on this bandwagon in the past.

WSOP’s Second Sunday Sale

This isn’t WSOP’s first rodeo with the Sunday Sale. They did one in August this year with the same exciting prizes.

More Goodies from WSOP

Besides the Sunday Sale, WSOP is throwing another Mystery Bounty tournament series, exclusive to Michigan and Pennsylvania players. It started on November 15 and is wrapping up today. Two tournaments with buy-ins set at $30 and $109 offer guaranteed prizes of $2500 and $8000, respectively.

Time to Score Big

Klik88Slot. Hey, heads up! The Main Event from last night in Michigan and Pennsylvania didn’t hit its guarantee, which means extra perks and value for those who joined. Don’t miss out—hop on over to and get your slice of the action!