From Miss Hong Kong to Education Pioneer: Louisa Mak

From Miss Hong Kong to Education Pioneer: Louisa Mak

Hong Kong lawyer-turned-TV celebrity Louisa Mak is starting a new enterprise. This time, she’s a non-executive director at the Legendary Education Group, demonstrating her dedication to education and willingness to try new things.

An Educational Vision

Louisa Mak’s new Legendary Education Group non-executive directorship is substantial and lucrative. According to Sing Tao, she will earn over HK$1 million (US$127,700) annually. This remuneration package comprises a HK$360,000 (US$46,000) director’s salary and an LM Workshop consultant charge. Louisa’s non-executive directorship will give important insights into commercial strategies and education-related company growth.

This 31-year-old’s recent job shift shows her ability to traverse multiple sectors and leave a lasting impression.

Louisa Mak Journey to Academic Excellence

Louisa Mak attended Diocesan Girls’ School from a middle-class family. She earned 10 As in the 2009 Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE), demonstrating her early academic aptitude. Based on this basis, she earned a BA in law in 2014 and an MA in 2018 from Cambridge University.

Louisa Mak Surprising Detour: Miss Hong Kong

From Miss Hong Kong to Education Pioneer: Louisa Mak

After graduating from law school and returning to Hong Kong, Louisa Mak took a startling turn. She entered Miss Hong Kong 2015. HK01 interviewed her last year and she disclosed her reasons. She regarded the Miss Hong Kong beauty contest as a chance to boost her earnings and solve real-life issues, given the financial hardships of starting her legal profession.

She made the right choice by entering the contest. Her academic success and personality as a contender sparked significant netizen debates, culminating to her nomination as champion.

Crown to Career: A Multifaceted Star

Like many Miss Hong Kong winners, Louisa Mak entered the glamour and celebrity scene. Eloquence and language skills earned her employment as MCs for major TV shows and actresses in TV plays and films. Her frank and boundary-pushing Young and Restless co-host comments made her a notable figure in local entertainment news.

She was expected to continue her entertainment business rise. Louisa stunned many by leaving showbiz in 2019 to work for McKinsey in business consulting. She worked on several strategic and organisational development initiatives there.

A Positive Change Commitment of Louisa Mak

Around the same time, Louisa Mak started showing a strong commitment to good change, especially for youth. In 2019, she rode an exceptional bike campaign as a non-executive director of Adventurous Global Schools, a nonprofit created by her Cambridge classmates.

Louisa cycled from The Peak in Hong Kong to Cambodia to collect cash for school expansion and raise awareness of poor students’ educational needs. Her brave trek was featured in “I Go to School by Bike,” bringing attention to the topic.

Melo Empowers Youth Towards a Better Society

Louisa Mak co-founded Project Melo, a nonprofit that empowers and develops children for social change, in 2021. This programme shows her dedication to giving youth opportunity and good development.

A Bright Future

From Miss Hong Kong to Legendary Education Group non-executive director, Louisa Mak has shown her versatility and commitment to make a difference. As she explores new regions and contributes to education and social issues, her tale inspires others to follow their passion, intelligence, and dedication to good change.